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Are you acting as your own Paying Agent?

Outsourcing Paying and Redemption Notification Agent services can help you save costs and find ways to redeploy staff to other strategic roles. You can also stay on top of new DTC rules and changing market conditions.

As a dedicated Agency service provider, BNY Mellon helps keep you in sync with rules and requirements quickly, seamlessly, and cost effectively.

We help you:

  • Handle administrative tasks and manage issues when reacting to DTC changes
  • Adapt to recent changes to DTC rules on partial redemption calls and other changes to DTC Operational Agreements
  • Adjust to impacts of DTC disaster recovery provisions (such as the temporary suspension and now resumption of physical bond presentment
  • Anticipate and address future DTC changes

Our Paying and Redemption Notification Agent capabilities help you close transactions quickly and service issuances efficiently. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you.

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Jennifer Fredericks
Business Development for Public-Not-For Profit Central & Northeast Region
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Are you acting as your Own Paying Agent and/or need a Redemption Notification Agent?

DTC had been consistently monitoring your CUSIPs to ensure that redemption events are announced on schedule, however DTC recently stopped doing so.

As of March 1, 2020, DTC no longer announces partial redemption calls based on historic scheduled redemption files. Going forward, Issuers, either directly or through Redemption Notification Agents, will be required to provide DTC with a notice of redemption for each individual partial call event.

Let our Corporate Trust team support you with our Redemption Notification Agent services to ensure your redemption notices are sent in a timely manner and you stay compliant with DTC rules.  Moreover, for those Issuers acting as their own Paying Agents, our team can step into that role to provide quick, safe and seamless paying agency services.