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Galvanize builds security, risk management, compliance, and audit software to drive change in over 800 government organizations around the world. We unite and strengthen individuals and entire companies through the integrated HighBond software platform. Visit wegalvanize.com


Applications Sheet - Government

How to Combat Government Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

Solutions Sheet - Local Governments

Solutions Sheet - State Governments

Government Application for ACL Robotics

Link: https://wegalvanize.highspot.com/items/5b044efef3d8060b1fd763d7

Case Study: Automated risk and controls monitoring at the City of Lethbridge

Link: https://view.highspot.com/viewer/5ebadfcdc714335cbf1e1891

Case Study: Fighting fraud, waste, and abuse at Oregon Secretary of State 

Link: https://view.highspot.com/viewer/5ebae53f34d6be5df55777d1

eBook: How to combat government fraud, waste and abuse 

Link: www.wegalvanize.com/assets/u/ebook-combatting-gov-fraud.pdf

Solution Sheet: Galvanize solution for State Governments 

Link: https://view.highspot.com/viewer/5ebadcc566bbaa69ace16721

Solution Sheet: Galvanize solution for Local Governments 

Link: https://view.highspot.com/viewer/5ebadedf3f65f67fcdb3d62e 

Solution Sheet: Galvanize solutions for Federal Governments 

Link: https://view.highspot.com/viewer/5ebadf1966bbaa69bbe0efd9

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