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GFOA’s Research and Consulting Center (RCC) is nationally recognized for its comprehensive analytical and advisory services. Since beginning operations in 1977, the RCC has assisted hundreds of cities, counties, public utilities; and other forms of government to create best practice solutions to meet their unique challenges.

For the past 20 years, GFOA has led the industry in providing objective, independent guidance on ERP readiness, procurement, and implementation. Our approach works to mitigate risk, approach all focus on business process improvement, and integrate components of our best practice knowledge and innovative financial management and leadership concepts to improve project governance.

Recently, GFOA has led the way in using risk analysis to optimize the size of local governments’ reserves. Our development of risk-based reserve analysis is an outgrowth of our extensive work in local government long-term financial planning and financial policies.

For more information on GFOA’s research and consulting center, please visit www.gfoa.org/rcc


GFOA resources are designed to help government meet their financial management challenge

Financial Foundations Framework


Leadership framework for encouraging collaboration and long-term sustainability to develop thriving communities. Originally developed prior to the COVID19 pandemic, these resources are as relevant as ever as finance officers must provide leadership to navigate these difficult times.  Learn more at www.gfoa.org/financial-foundations

Smarter School Spending


Smarter School Spending provides resources for school districts with a focus on improving student achievement. When budgets are tight, finance officers play an important role in ensuring that spending generates intended outcomes.  Learn more at www.smarterschoolspending.org


Government Finance Review (GFR) is GFOA’s bimonthly membership magazine. With each issue, the magazine explores best practices in the realm of government finance, suggests solutions to questions facing public finance officers, reports the latest news in governmental accounting, examines intergovernmental affairs, and provides the latest information in the field.


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GFOA Training

For a list of training opportunities on ERP procurement and implementation, budgeting, long-term financial planning, and more, please visit www.gfoa.org/search-for-training.

Contact Us

Staff from GFOA’s research and consulting center are here to help answer your questions about GFOA’s best practices, developing effective financial policies, business process improvement, procurement and implementing your next ERP system, how to apply any of the recommendations in our Fiscal First Aid work and more.  Please contact us at research@gfoa.org


GFOA has been working to provide support for governments across the United States and Canada deal with impacts from the COVID19 pandemic. GFOA’s “Fiscal First Aid” resources are available for free on GFOA’s website at www.gfoa.org/ffa and feature our 12-step fiscal first aid recovery framework, research reports, case studies, and training videos developed specifically for local government finance officers and the challenges they are facing now.