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Mitchell Humphrey & Co., founded in 1977, connects governments and citizens. Secure, integrated software that streamlines operations and supports community growth, citizen satisfaction, healthy financials, and transparency.

We are a specialized software developer focused on the public sector. Designed especially for governments by CPAs and IT professionals, our Financial Management Software (FMS) is an ideal fit to help transform you into a government of the future. Focused on integration, adaptability, and a premier user experience for you and your citizens.

Applications include:

  • Fund and Encumbrance Accounting
  • Grant and Project Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Procurement
  • Enterprise Budgeting
  • Community Development
  • Online Citizen Services

Drive efficiency, boost resident satisfaction, and manage your finances with our easy-to-implement, customizable software. See what Mitchell Humphrey & Co. could make possible for you and your community.

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Jim Boyd, CPA


(314) 991-2440 office | (314) 605-7587 cell


Client Testimonials

"We have been a client of Mitchell Humphrey & Co. for over 30 years which speaks volumes about their software and personalized service. They are always available to help and support us." -Tracey F., Assistant Manager of Accounting, Erie County, PA 

"I am constantly impressed with the staff at Mitchell Humphrey & Co.  I work with a lot of vendors and your staff always provide the best customer service." -Cristen C., Finance Director, St. Louis County, MN

“Mitchell Humphrey & Co. was clearly ahead of the other vendors, not only in their ability to provide the financial applications we needed, but also in their ability to design and deliver the custom room tax system.” -Jeff J., Accounting Manager, Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA)