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Synopsis-Financial Planning Software: An Industry Leader in Multi-Year Planning Technology

Local governments are complex enterprises with a unique set of challenges. Developing a multi-year financial plan that accurately portrays how shifts in major fiscal drivers and other strategic initiatives will impact public services and long-term financial sustainability is critical for finance leaders, especially given today’s circumstances.


With Synopsis, innovative technology and out-of-the-box functionality, we help local governments of all sizes take control of their financial future. This solution will help you easily manage key drivers and configure new scenarios to instantly visualize outcomes and communicate results with your stakeholders.


Break free from the confines of excel and enjoy these Key Features:

Multi-Scenario Planning: Test different assumptions, project, and plans with integrated scenarios.

Real-Time Analysis: Live side-by-side projections allow for rapid comparative analysis.

Integrated Presentations: Create and modify dynamic presentations from one cloud-enabled platform.

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